First Filipino Dine-In Restaurant in Cleveland

tita flora's

Kusinang Pilipino

Authentic Filipino Food (like your Tita makes)

 The menu is filled with Filipino staples and classics like crispy lumpia, filled with either vegetables or pork; pork or tofu sisig served on a sizzling platter; pancit, made with rice or wheat noodles; and longsilog, the all-day breakfast dish of sausage fried rice topped with a fried egg.

"Whether eating a meal that reminds you of home, trying Filipino food for the first time, or meeting up with an old friend, find your favorites on our menu"

Press coverage

 "For Flora Grk, who came to America from the Philippines when she was 25, opening the first authentic dine-in Filipino restaurant in the Greater Cleveland area was a long time in the making."

 "Taste of Home: Tita Flora’s - A Filipino Kitchen in Independence

The brick and mortar Filipino restaurant celebrates the country’s cuisine while fostering a sense of family"