Meet her

Tita Flora

I was born in Metro Manila, Philippines where I grew up in a large Filipino family. If you’ve met any of those, then you know well that Filipinos express their love through food. Growing up, my family was a collective unit where each one of us had duties to contribute. One of mine was cooking.

When I was young, cooking wasn’t a passion for me. It was only when I moved to the U.S. when I was 25 where I learned how connected I felt when I was in the kitchen, cooking the way my titas (aunts) taught me. When I cook, I feel at home. I feel my family and my heritage.

Since my arrival in America, I have worked in every position in the restaurant industry. After 25 years of gaining experience and inspiration, I am honored to make this dream of mine a reality. We want you to come to Tita Flora’s and feel part of our family. Whether eating a meal that reminds you of home, trying Filipino food for the first time, or meeting up with an old friend over home-cooked meals, we hope you’ll find joy here. For us, there is joy to be found in eating good food cooked with a lot of love and passion.

Our mission is to share our Filipino culture through our food here in Cleveland. We want to pay homage to our family and our ancestors for getting us here. I will never forget my roots. This restaurant is a “thank you” to the place that will have the biggest piece of my heart, forever.

- Love, Tita Flora ❤️

2024 Cleveland Magazine and Asian Festival Event!!! ❤️ 

Out with the old.. and in with the new! 🎨 Adding new brightness and love to the space that will soon be Tita Flora’s 💛 We can’t wait for you to come and join us here!

Our family/crew having fun with recipe creating and taste testing the menu 🤤🫶🏽